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 NNAWGC - What is / Who are the Ninety Nine Acre Wood Gliding Club - Meet the Gang. Includes pilot members blog

  Crimble Moment - A way of celebrating a great flying moment or just a snack ?  - you choose

  Our new models - not the ones we bought, but the ones we made

The Wotzat has ben generating a lot of interest, but there is now a new 60" in the pipeline.....

  Colin's blog - Genesis 2, from Concept to first flights

  Hits and Tips - Things to make and model building techniques


  Slope Soaring Sites - Places to fly, where we've been and how to get there

  Friends of the NNAWGC and their models
  Bygone Days - RAFMAA Archive Photo Album
 Link to Associations, Retail and Sites of modelling interest

 Items for Sale



Welcome to Slope-dudes the home of the Ninety Nine Acre Wood Gliding Club (NNAWGC), an association of modellers and good friends that are dedicated to building and flying model aircraft. Whilst we fly mainly Radio Control Gliders of all shape and sizes. This is not the limit of our modelling interests, we also fly RC Power, Control line, Free Flight, Indoor RC; in fact, we just love building and flying almost anything. This website is the reflection of our activities.








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